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Motogroup is a dynamic SME and mechanical engineering company located in Brugge, Belgium for more than 55 years. Belt and screw conveyors were added to the production. Due to the large civil infrastructural works the demand for concrete soared and Motogroup started silo making. In the meantime an engineering office was started which supported the demand for tailor made products. Later fabrication of parts evolved into turnkey projects for the handling of bulk products. With a state of the art CNC machine shop Motogroup succeeds to expand its business internationally.


Geo Miller is a well established company in the field of Water, Wastewater, Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant since the last 70 years. Started, as a British Mining Company at Calcutta, became a fully Indian Company in 1947 under the leadership of Late Shri. M.D.Mundhra. Mr. Mundhra's dedication, hardwork helped him walk through the path full of twists and turns to reach the goal of success and achievement. He believed in the concept of "Environmental friendly industrial growth".


Treating wastewater since 1961

EPCO Australia is a company dedicated to helping our clients create innovative solutions to their wastewater treatment problems whilst making the most of our precious water resources.

We aim to continue our record of consistently meeting quality and performance guarantees for our treatment plants by working collaboratively with our clients and suppliers to ensure a successful outcome for each project.


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