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An introduction to our product
Description of the screen

For many water and wastewater treatment installations the removal of large debris such as weeds, logs and branches poses a health and safety risk when these items have to be removed manually from screens.

The EVA screen is specifically designed for heavy duty screening applications:

All debris is removed from the bar screen in one movement from where it is automatically discharged to a conveyor or bin.
The back raking tines plunge into the weed or debris mass at the base of the intake channel. They do not have to descend through the contaminated water as is the case with front-raked machines.
All working parts are protected behind the static grid and function on the clean side of the bar screen.

The EVA back raked screens are particularly suited to installations such as power and desalination projects, for river water intakes where weeds, leaves, logs and branches need to be removed, on sewage stations for inlet works, storm over-flow sites, or for industrial complexes where effluents have to be treated prior to discharge.

Installation :

The machines are completely assembled in our workshop and run 'dry' for a period of time to ensure all settings and adjustments are correct.
Dispatched to site in one piece where the final installation takes 24-48 hours.
The units are free-standing and require only grooves in the channel walls for positive location, fixing is only required at deck level.
Top section of screen protrudes as low as 1,6 m above deck level, height of curved section above deck level can be varied depending on discharge method.
Machines can be removed in one piece at any time for inspection and maintenance.